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AlumNet History


Since Up with People was founded in 1965, over 400 Dutch Alumni participated in this unique program. Regardless of the different studies, careers and interests, there will always remain a common experience: Up with People.


This single semester or year had a big influence, for most of us, on our lives. The world as our class room taught us, among many things, inside to different cultures, intercultural communication, leadership, friendship, exploration of ourselves and our own families. It would be a shame not to share these experiences and insides we gained with our fellow alumni. From this background AlumNet was founded in March 1998 by Gert-Jan Orie (D89), Akke Boere (93A) and Rex Bierlaagh (90A).


What we would like is for, as many as possible, Dutch alumni to be in contact by organizing fun activities. The meaning of our name AlumNet fits this goal perfectly. “Alum” stands for “Alumni” and “Net” stands for both the “Netherlands” and “Network”.


In 2003, the President at that time, Judith van Beckhoven (92A) and Secretary/Treasurer Gaby Mock (98E) completely reorganized AlumNet after an inactive period. Together they brought new life into AlumNet and started it back up in September of that year. They had updated the Dutch alumni database and located 295 of the then 350 Dutch alumni. All of them received a renewed AlumNieuws (News booklet) and a letter. AlumNet had over 50 paid members and organized a yearly activity and published 3 times a year the AlumNieuws.


In 2005 AlumNet had one of their best years, when they organized the European Alumni Meeting (EAM) in Amsterdam. This was the best attended EAM and party up till then.


In 2006 AlumNet had a hard time finding new board members and to keep their members. AlumNet once again became inactive.


To keep AlumNet in existence, we opened an AlumNet facebook group in 2009. This group now counts over 100 friends. This shows us that there is some kind of interest in keeping AlumNet alive. Alumni Wouter Oosterheert (06A) and Gaby Mock (98E) have organized several informal get-togethers.



AlumNet now

Today, AlumNet’s goals are still the same as in 1998. A way for Dutch Alumni to Network, have fun together and share stories.


We no longer have paid memberships. Each alumni from the Netherlands or living in the Netherlands is automatically a member of AlumNet. We only use digital media like Facebook and E-mail to stay in touch and announce our events.

Each year AlumNet organizes at least 4 “AlumNet Meet Up” events.  They happen about each 3 months and they happen on the last Saturday of the months of January, April, August and November (some exceptions can be made, but all dates will be set at the beginning of each year). They start at 18:30 with dinner and if some alumni want to meet just for drinks, they can join us after.


When UWP comes to the Netherlands AlumNet tries to combine this with an activity during the day and dinner before the show.


You, as an alumna/us, can also organize an activity, dinner, movie night, etc. in your hometown. AlumNet will support your initiative in any way possible (financially, email blast, etc).


Since 2014 the board consists of Gaby Mock 1998E and Yolanda Ketel 2012A.


We hope to see you at our next event!